Research key factor in fair business reporting’ ‘BSE Promoting Investment related products through investor awareness


Chandigarh, February 24. 2018: Citizens Awareness Group in collaboration with Bombay Stock Exchange, National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and under the aegis of Securities Market Awareness Campaign by SEBI organized a seminar on ‘Investment oriented approach by Bombay Stock Exchange.’ The seminar was organised on the occasion of 19th Biannual Convention of NUJ at Law Bhawan in Sector 37 here today.

Mr. Tajender Singh Luthra, DGP, Chandigarh Police was the chief guest on the occasion. He addressed the first session on financial investment. While speaking on the occasion he stressed on the fact that like senior journalists are assigned crime reporting, business journalists also need to be well versed in their field and should understand the terminologies of the business world. He stressed on the need to have a 360 degree view of financial reporting and how it is going to affect the investors.

Harbinder Singh Sokhi, Manager, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Investor Protection Fund (IPF) while speaking in the first session on financial investment, said, “BSE has focus on converting saving into investments for national building by fulfilling the need of corporates and fund seekers. BSE always promote investments related products by way of Investor education and awareness camps. BSE has build-up highly state of art online mutual fund distribution platform named BSE star MF for investors. BSE developed fund raising online platforms like E bonds which help issuers to raise capital smoothly. BSE also reaching all parts of country to educate on entrepreneurs for opportunities available for Small and medium sized businesses companies to raise funds thru capital market by SME listing at BSE. BSE is pioneer dedicated institution for nation building way increasing equity investments culture.” He also stressed on reporters to have a look at the entire spectrum of stock market and their job to inform the investors about changing market trends.

Mr. Surinder Verma, Chairman, Citizens Awareness Group, said “You would not buy a colour TV before visiting a few dealers and taking advice from some friends. But a rumour might prompt you to buy stocks worth Rs. 2 lacs. So most of the losses occurred in the stock market are a result of hasty decisions, greed and fear.” He also exemplified how even educated and high-income group investors fail to follow the safeguards while investing in the stock market.